Happy New Year- And Two Weeks

Holy smokes that was a long intermission! Why, yes, I did fall off the earth. And let me tell you something, crawling back on it was difficult as all get out! I don’t advise it unless you have a space suit and re-entry plan in place.

To be honest, I own and operate three websites, multiple blogs, write books all under a few different pen names and proofread/critique for other writers. Which means I have too many irons in the fire but not one that I am willing to take out. I make no excuse for leaving you high and dry. I can only try to do better this year.

I’m thinking of doing something a little different with The Southern Tourist. In the hopes of highlighting some small businesses in the South, I’m going to start focusing on little gems I have found and enjoy visiting. Also, I have a horrible habit of posting too many pictures, in my opinion. I haven’t had any complaints but I don’t want any either 😉

That being said- I hope to bump into sometime!


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