Connie’s Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop

Dahlonega, GA is one of my favorite places to visit. Its rich history and beauty are well worth the drive. If nothing else will tickle your fancy though, Connie’s will. My son’s only wish on his sixteenth birthday was to go to Connie’s Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop. At 6 AM on the morning of his birthday, we all loaded up and made the trip with two happy teenagers.


Just look at that, happy teenagers after spending hours in the car together on a weekend morning. Voluntarily. Why is Connie’s so special? I’m glad you asked. For one, ice cream parlor. Also, not a fast food restaurant with all the greasy badness. For two, ice cream parlor. Oh, I covered that with number one? My bad, but you have to admit that’s an awesome reason. Seriously, though, it feels like an ice cream parlor should feel. It’s like going back in time where everyone knows everyone’s name. Sit down for about 10 minutes and you feel like you are there every weekend.

Also, there is no skimping on the ice cream. Totally know that you are going to blow your diet, with a smile on your face, when you visit Connie’s. It’s okay, because you don’t drive around Dahlonega, you walk it and then you walk it some more. Did I mention they have ice cream? And soda? Know what happens when you have those two completely unhealthy but fantastic inventions? Ice cream floats. Not the crappy ones that some place that will remain unnamed try to pass off but real, honest to goodness ice cream floats.

I think I’m going to leave that right there for you. Maybe, if we’re both lucky, I’ll bump into you sometime at Connie’s.