A Little Greek in a Southern Town

I don’t remember Dalton, GA without Gondolier Pizza. When I was young there was one Gondolier’s and it was pick up only. Now there are two sit down Gondolier Pizzas in Dalton. One has take over the old Hardee’s building on S. Thornton, the other is in the Kroger shopping center on N. Glenwood.

Gondolier was in Dalton long before all of the chain pizza places. And while they have expanded quite a bit according to their website, they are not what I would consider a chain. I pray they never become one.

We haven’t spent much time in the area the last few years, but since the pandemic hit we made our way back to our property near Dalton. Looking for something different we decided to visit Gondolier on Glenwood. We have visited multiple times a week since. Some weeks, every day.

They were doing buy one get one free long before that other pizza company. Granted, Gondolier’s is a bit more pricey, but you get what you pay for. It is casual, Greek dining in a southern town. A blend of southern charm and Italian food.

One of my favorite things is the music. They play a lot of 1980’s music. All of the best tunes. So frequently people are singing along that I am waiting for the place to burst out in unified song one day. I live for that day, I’m not even joking.

Maybe I’ll see you there one day, and we can burst into song together. Just wear your earplugs because I sing about as well as a wounded hound dog.