The Southern Tourist is a place for me to write about some of my favorite places in The South. Hopefully, by sharing my experiences with you it will help the many Mom and Pop stores attract business and continue to give the world the wonderful charm and hospitality they have blessed me with.


Why do you use a different pen name?

I actually have a couple of different pen names. I write across genres and like to make sure the audience knows what they are getting into when they come across a piece of my work.

Who’s the picture in your avatar?

Shockingly, that’s me also. Before I cut off all of my hair and started covering my white with blonde streaks. Which is easier than covering it up with the brown every month or so. I’ve been going white since I was 17. I’m too lazy to change the avatar.

Do you really visit the places you blog about?

Yes. Sometimes I will visit a place multiple times before I write about it. I take all of the pictures, which is why I am never in any of them. Also, I am camera shy.



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